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Our Approach

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Blending East and West

AnnapurnaBlue’s team is trained in Western and  Eastern medicine and spiritual traditions. Our team members have over 30 years’ experience in Western medicine, and over 20 years of work with Eastern healing and wellness modalities. This allows us to fuse both Eastern and Western approaches to Mind, Body and Spirit healing and wellbeing.

We believe in functional wellbeing.  We offer students of all ages, men and woman,  the tools to manage negativities,  maintain emotional balance, mental clarity and sustaining resilience.  To acknowledge and release negative emotions; to be mindful of what our bodies need; and to nurture the environment we live in daily.  

Taking the time now to learn, implement and nurture your mind, body and spirit will greatly help you to develop wellness, internal strength and resilience to avoid illnesses caused by stress and environmental factors.  

Our workshops and retreats are uniquely structured, combining Western and Tibetan healing and wellness techniques. This gives our students profound knowledge and resources to have functional wellbeing, peace, calm and harmony within their daily lives. 

Our Story

AnnapurnaBlue's founders Deborah and Bo met during a healing retreat years ago.   For years they both  had extensive studies in healing with the Eastern Culture and Western modalities.   They studied under Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche, a senior Bon master, and other Bon Monks who taught the healing and meditation practices of Yungdrung Bon, an 18,000 year old Tibetan spiritual tradition. 

They both agreed building a health and wellness center would be of service to others.  On a trip to Nepal to meet with  several Bon Geshes for guidance on building a temple and Health and Wellness facility, they took a side trip to the base camp of Annapurna, the tenth tallest mountain in the world.   

During this trip to Annapurna, they felt a strong sense of facing fears and healing through overcoming their fears.  For Deborah, with all her many adventures, she never felt such a peaceful and humbling experience. She knew then Annapurna would be her paradigm for accepting and overcoming challenges in life. 

Bo also felt a strong healing energy and felt drawn to Annapurna and what it represents. He also believes Annapurna combined with the healing color of Blue represents both the western and eastern cultures of healing. 

Thus,  AnnapurnaBlue Health and Wellness was created, to bring the healing wisdom from both cultures. To help people all around the world realize they can make changes in their lives, face and remove obstacles, live a more balanced life, and thereby find peace, harmony and a balanced wellbeing. 

Meet The Team

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