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Our Wellness Retreats
Investing In Your Wellbeing.  

AnnapurnaBlue's unique retreat experiences are curated  to offer both the tools to help students  grow, and make positive  changes in their  lives.  We offer unique experiences that will be life altering.

AnnapurnaBlue's Health and Wellness Retreat programs are intensive, immersive experiences involving Eastern and Western healing and wellness modalities. Each retreat is designed to emphasize a particular technique or skill set.

These retreats provide techniques and tools to help students who need mind body and spirit nurturing to go through a life transition.  During the retreat, students will create a plan for their own wellness and development. Students will learn tools needed to make their desired changes.

Apart from the formal teaching, an important component of these retreats is stepping away from your daily life, to a place you have not been.  Take time for your  own reflection.  Immerse yourself in the beauty and healing power of nature.  Unplug to recharge!


You will leave your retreat renewed, inspired and empowered. You will take with you the plan you have created, the AnnapurnaBlue support system, and a community.  

Seven Amazing Retreats In 2024

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