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Hello to everyone,  I just have to say you all did a great job at the "She Is" retreat. Been watching different health and wellness videos on like Google or podcast for years, I came across this retreat and thought why not. 

I say this with an open heart, “Deborah Rocks.”  I left this retreat with so much inspiration and a realization of self-worth. But listen, it did not feel like I was being told what to do.  I realized by the end of the retreat Deborah had me believing in myself and what I wanted to do.   I just had to trust in me, and see and understand there is a difference from what I want or need in my life.  And go after what I know is best for me.


Deborah, thank you. Thank you for helping me to see myself, teaching me how to really meditate and  for such a wonderful experience and for your continued support. 

I  continue to be in contact with the other attendees and we have formed a bond that is special. I have to say also, thank you for my new friendships. 

Shyanne R.


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