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Spiritual Wisdom and Healing Of Nepal  

Wellness and Qigong Retreat
Renewing your Self Compassion and Personal Power!  

October 5th - 20th, 2024

SixteenDays - Fifteen Nights  
Nepal:  Kathmandu, Pokhara,

Jomsom, Lubrak, Kagbeni


Close your eyes and imagine stepping into a world where you feel the energy of kindness, compassion, healing and of course – YOU!


This retreat is designed for both men and woman to discover the uniqueness of themselves.


To tap into the best of you and to bring it forward.  Nepal is a wonderful mystical place filled with spiritual energy and power that will embrace you, helping to cultivate a deeper connection to your spiritual being. You will discover that within you, there is a wealth of peace and inspiration, resulting in a powerful sense of confidence in your own abilities.


You will consider this pilgrimage/retreat a memorable life experience.   We have partner with probably the best trekking company in Nepal – Responsible Trekking.   We have worked with them before and the experience was over the top wonderful. 

This retreat/pilgrimage will take you to: 



Our first experience will be the Bodnath Stupa located in Kathmandu and a short walking distance from our hotel. 


It is here we begin our journey as we walk around the stupa, witness devotees prostrating or spinning the prayer wheels.   Or circumambulating the magnificent Stupa.    You will witness many spiritual gestures.  


As you walk around the stupa, you will notice shops and restaurants for you to enjoy.  


We would recommend early morning walks and evening walks to witness the beauty of this magical bounty of energy. 


We will visit one of the sacred Yungdrung Bon Monasteries ~  Tritsen Norbutse Monastery.  If they are available next October,  a  visit with His Eminence Yongdzin Lopon Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche,  known as the oldest living repository of Yungdrung Bon spiritualism, and Khenchen Tenpa Youndrung Rinpoche, the Abbot of Triten Norbutse Monastery.  


We will also visit the  Swayambu Temple also known as the Monkey Temple.  One of the most religious sites in Kathmandu.  A hallmark of faith and harmony for centuries.


Pokhara:   A short flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara.  This area's  tranquil beauty has been the subject of inspiration for many travel writers. Known for its clean mountain air,  spectacular backdrop of snowy peaks, blue lakes and surrounding greenery make it ‘the jewel in the Himalaya’, a place of remarkable natural disposition. With the magnificent Annapurna range forming the backdrop and the serenity of the Cluster of 9 Lakes with three major ones - Phewa, Rupa and Begnas – gateway to the Annapurna region where many a trekker finds his Shangri-la, sits high on the list of ‘must visit’ places in Nepal. Known for the stunning view of the Annapurna Range. 


Also known for boating, trekking, rafting, paragliding, zipline and extreme sports like rafting, canoeing and bungee jumping.  


We can help direct you to any activity you would like to do during your stay in Pokhara.   For most of us, it is an acclimation time, but there is plenty to do if you would like. 


Jomsom:   Another short flight to Jomsom to experience it's culture and rich combination of Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism.   We will be visiting a Bön temple, exploring and hiking.   Jomsom offers stunning natural beauty and unique cultural encounters.  Snow capped mountains and a unique glimpse into the Tibetan – influenced culture.


Lubrak:  A short drive to this unique tiny village with about 15 households.  A gateway to the copper-red mountains of Upper Mustang.  Home to ancient caves where one can witness evidence of recent civilization where the first inhabitants lived in these caves during the 12 centuries.   Some of these caves are still used today by lamas for meditation.   Our group will be gathering inside one of the sacred caves for meditation and wellness conversations.  

Muktinath:  Engaging drive to one of the holiest places of pilgrimage spiritualism.  Waters springs that hold great significance and blessings.   


Kagbeni:  We will drive to what is known as an area that holds the century – old monastery and values.   Built at the confluence of two rivers, which Buddhism signifies a holy place.  A tranquil environment.  Every morning, you can hear the musical tunes that comes from the Red Monastery of Kagbeni as a sign of goodness.  

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