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The People In Our Lives ~ Leaves, branches and roots

There are many variations of a wonderful poem or parable about people in our lives who are like tree leaves, branches and roots. Here is my variation.

Throughout our lives, we meet people who are like part of a tree. People who are like leaves, branches and roots.

LEAF PEOPLE Some people come into our lives like leaves on a tree. Leaves are amazing in the beginning, full of promise, joy, beauty and security. But they take more than they are willing to give. Like a change in season, as soon as it gets cold or a wind blows in your life, they are gone. They were only meant to be in our lives temporarily. You cannot be angry with them. This is who they are.

BRANCH PEOPLE There are people who come into our lives like branches on a tree. They say, “I will always be there for you.” Yes, they are stronger than leaves, and provide temporary support. But as soon as a big storm or two comes into your life, they break off, unable to hold the weight. These branches are there for some time, they provide some purpose, but they don’t last a long time. Eventually these branches will break off and disconnect. As with the leaves, you cannot be mad at them. This is who they are.

ROOT PEOPLE Now, some people come into your life like roots of a tree. They are special and permanent. They weather the storms with you, hold you up and help you to rebuild. They nourish your soul and stand strong with you unconditionally. They become your foundation when all else fails. They are happy for you when your life is good and will hold you when life throws you a challenge. The leaves have blown away, the branches of broken off, but the roots will not leave you.

Not everyone we lose in our lives is a loss. We learn from everyone who comes into our lives. Learn who is a leaf, branch or root in your life. Respect them for who they are but let them go when they have outlived their purpose in your life. Don’t be angry or sad. It’s the way of nature. And remember, a person who is a leaf for you, might well be a great root for someone else.

When you recognize this, you open your life to have more and deeper meaningful relationships. Accept the role people play in your life and value the lessons and times you had.

And ask yourself: What are you in other people’s lives?

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