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Our Mind, Body and Spirit
Talk To Us!  

Our mind, body and spirit give us signs and symptoms to tell us when something is wrong.  The question is.... are we listening to what they tell us? 


At AnnapurnaBlue we believe we are at our best when our mind, body and spirit are healthy and dynamically balanced.

Our mind has a powerful ability to heal our body.  We can use our mind’s healing abilities to overcome physical and mental illness created by negativities and obstacles within our environment.  

​We all deal with the stresses of modern life.  We are still coping with the effects of the pandemic that affect our physical and mental health, increase our anxieties, disrupt our “normal” and put us at a heightened level of stress.  We experience chronic illness, fatigue, fear, and anxiety.  We deal with memory loss, poor judgement, anxiety, and depression. 

To deal with these ongoing challenges, we need to nurture and heal our inner well-being.

If we don't make time to care for the wellness of our precious mind, body and spirit, we will be forced to take time for our illness.

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Healing With AnnapurnaBlue!  

Our minds and bodies are connected. If our mind is always in and out of intense negative emotions, it causes problems for our body, such as poor health, poor focus and judgement, anxiety, and constant mood swings. 


This affects five major areas of our lives: family, relationships, work and career, finances and home

If we can control our reactions to these major emotions, we can calm our mind, break the cycle of mood swings and inner conflicts, and improve both our mental and our physical wellbeing. 

At AnnapurnaBlue, we work with these major emotions. Some are obvious; some not. We teach you to identify  the triggers of these negative  emotions so you can stop their negative impact on your life. Then, we help you  learn  how to replace these negative emotions into a positive and calm emotion.  

It is then that we are able to help bring back a healthy mind, body and spirit.  We are able to mange our health and mental wellbeing in a positive way. We can improve the five major areas of our lives.  And you can share the tools you learn with your family, friends and co-workers.   

Life Altering Experiences

Ocean Rocks
About Section

There are the waves and there is the wind, seen and unseen forces. Everyone has these same elements in their lives.  The question is, how are you going to handle the seen and unseen forces? 

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AnnapurnaBlue  Health and Wellness

AnnapurnaBlue Health and Wellness supports and provides inspiration, knowledge and tools  to improve wellbeing through Ancient Eastern Cultures and Western modalities.  

Mailing Address:

14702 Excelsior Blvd  #1249

Minnetonka,  MN  55345

AnnapurnaBlue Resort:

40719 Lows Lake Rd

Emily, MN  56447

Phone:   952-300-6111




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